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Service from A to Z : In Schubert & Franzke there are no half measures.

In Schubert & Franzke each project is treated individually and our solutions are of the highest cartographic quality and tailored according to your needs.  Schubert & Franzke offers detailed and comprehensive services, from the start and until the end of the project.

In close collaboration with our customers and based on our experience earned during these three decades, we develop customized and high quality cartographic projects for print, web and applications. In order to satisfy our customers we demonstrate great care to provide the most appropriate services, so that your plan moves towards the success that you are expecting.

Our Project Manager can give you ideas for your customized project, backed by many years of experience in the accomplishment of over 800 successful projects. In close collaboration with our customer, we identify the specificity and facilities of your city or your village so that, on completion, the final project would fully comply with the demand of our customers or of its users.

By integrating cartographic information in all products offered, Schubert & Franzke guarantees consistent experience for cross - media projects as a whole and in detail.

Unique, innovative and personalized: Schubert & Franzke makes sure that you will be proud of your map project.

In our company, every map is different. Each project is designed in dialogue with our customers and it is applied with care in accordance with their wishes. Thus, both consultancy services and project implementation are conducted at the highest quality level.

As updated information is essential to ensure the high quality of the cartographic work offered by Schubert & Franzke, we synchronize all the information contained in the draft given to that held by authorities in construction services, updating it whenever this is necessary.

Whether it addresses areas such as tourism industry, cultural organizations, leisure activities or event planning services, Schubert & Franzke adds value to our customers’ portfolio.

Last but not least, we want to be the first partner that you turn to when it comes to map projects, in cooperation with other economic sectors or sponsors.

Whether town, city or region: The plans and maps by Schubert & Franzke are tailor-made for all conditions and with the greatest care to the specific needs of our customers reacted.

Due to our tireless concern to meet the needs of our customers and our full commitment to each project, the Austrian company, Schubert & Franzke, is now the partner of a large number of clients.

This is why we use every challenge to demonstrate that success can be shared with our customers. While you benefit from our experience accumulated over three decades and our network of partners, you can be sure that citizens, visitors or your customers are offered the best services. And because these things should remain unchanged in the future, we work hard to provide you with viable products for use in today’s reality.

This is our promise - this is Schubert & Franzke. Come to know us.

Creative, original and personalized: Schubert & Franzke makes the best so that your map looks attractive

In the 30 years of existence, Schubert & Franzke has grown continuously, becoming an innovative European company in mapping projects.

Schubert & Franzke is currently developing a variety of mapping projects dedicated to local communities and tourism associations in many European countries.

The focus of our company is on countries like Austria, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein and EU member states.

For example, through the establishment of a subsidiary in Romania, Schubert & Franzke emphasizes that experience and quality are the main pillars underpinning the success of the company.

Hundreds of mapping projects conducted in Romania are the proof of our market leadership in this country.

Whether we refer to the introduction of digital production, the introduction of the modular map2web® concept, of multiple online services or the innovative CityApp application, Schubert & Franzke is among the pioneers in this area and wants to share the success with its customers.

The cartographic publishing Schubert & Franzke was founded in 1985 in St. Pölten, Austria and today, with more than 40 employees the leading specialist for urban and spatial plans in Romania.

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