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Street panels

The attractive design of the Schubert & Franzke totems and street panels catches the eyes of those who pass by, thus facilitating their orientation in the outdoor spaces.

Street panels that faciliate the process of locating the interest points sought by tourists, visitors or even locals, represent a real time saving opportunity. This information method is especially efficient when combined with other cartographic products like printed maps and brochures.

The maps designed for outdoor use can be executed in different sizes and can contain cartographic information relating to tourism, culture or society from the region where they are installed. Created with the most up-to-date cartographic techniques and with a modern design, street panels are the perfect choice for simplifying navigation through cities, counties, parks etc..

The street panels and totems are outdoor information methods, with an attractive design, located in places with a high frequency of passers by and contain cartographic, cultural, public or tourist information.