Folded maps

A tool that is classical, but that still continues to be very efficient when it comes to promoting cities or regions, as well as offering reliable directions and information.

The Schubert & Franzke folded maps, like all the other printed materials done by our publishing house are high quality and designed using the most modern cartographic techniques.

Schubert & Franzke offers the possibility of creating maps with a special theme and designed for a specific purpose or the opportunity to collaborate with private entities to sponsor the production costs through advertising revenue.

Due to the fact that the descriptions are in a bilingual format, the folded maps are an useful information method for both tourists and locals and include details about regionally specific activities, traditions, gastronomy as well as the most important tourist attractions that deserve to be seen.

You can customise the presentation brochures with information that is best suited for the purpose and for the target audience and Schubert & Franzke will make sure that they will be executed professionally and that all of your demands will be taken into consideration.