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A3 Infoblocks

The infoblock maps from Schubert & Franzke represent the perfect balance between a flexible design and an informative and detailed content, making it an indispensable product for every information desk or hotel reception.

The infloblock maps from Schubert & Franzke are in an A3 format and contain 50 easily detachable maps. On the front you will find a map that is executed in a modern representation style which is easy to navigate – something that is characteristic to our company. The backside does not remain unused, as it is filled with useful information, such as tourist attractions, public transport and also advertising material for various economic agents.

You can customise the presentation brochures with information that is best suited for the purpose and for the target audience and Schubert & Franzke will make sure that they will be executed professionally and that all of your demands will be taken into consideration.