map2web® - county maps

Online county maps map2web® are executed with the high level of precision and quality specific to the Schubert & Franzke printed maps, but are digitalised and available online together with many other useful functions.

County maps (map2web®)

With the help of the online service map2web®, county councils can provide updated information about their respective counties in a manner that is organised and accessible for everyone. The service for online maps has an attractive and friendly interface, which allows one to filter and sort out the information by categories, significantly simplifying the search process. It is also very useful to have the possibility to get the travel itinerary between two points of interest as well as information about the cities, towns and parks found in the region.

Schubert & Franzke wanted to minimise as much as possible the effort required to manage and maintain the map2web® service and therefore decided to offer hosting services and create a simple to use administration tool (see AdminTool).

Thanks to the modular concept on which the map2web® service is based, the product can be easily adapted to the requests of the client and the characteristics of each individual city. Schubert & Franzke also offers the possibility to develop personalised modules for specific purposes.

The online county maps contain the list of towns and cities within the county, tourist attractions, natural parks, as well as the possibility to get a travel intinerary between two points on the map.