map2web® - city maps

The map2web® online maps for cities are conceived with the high level of precision and quality specific to Schubert & Franzke’s printed maps, but are digitalised and available online together with many other useful functions.

City maps (map2web®)

Having a friendly user interface, which is similar to other standard services on the web, the online maps present a wide range of information in an interactive way, meant to facilitate the navigation throughout the cities for both those who already live there or are just visiting.

The list of modules that can be added includes: street indices with a precision of house numbers, the list of public instituions in the city as well as the list of economic entities and tourist sights.

Schubert & Franzke wanted to minimise as much as possible the effort required to manage and maintain the map2web® service and therefore decided to offer hosting services and create a simple to use administration tool (see AdminTool).

Thanks to the modular concept on which the map2web® service is based, the product can be easily adapted to the requests of the client and the characteristics of each individual city. Schubert & Franzke also offers the possibility to develop personalised modules for specific purposes.

The online maps from Schubert & Franzke are an incredibly useful tool that the local administration can use to foster cities’ accessibility for both residents and tourists.